Patient Testimonials

“My experience with the Standard Process cleanse was very positive. I had gained weight over the past several years and just could not get it off. My cholesterol count was above what my doctor wanted it to be; and rather than take medicine, I decided to try the cleanse regimen. I put off doing this cleanse for several months because I was truly skeptical that it would really work and fearful of being constantly hungry; but I’m a supporter now! Besides the weight loss, the next best part is my total cholesterol count dropped 29 points!! I’m now within the recommended numbers my doctor wants and there’s no need for medication, so I’ve received a 'double blessing'!”

“One year ago I came to Kulow Chiropractic and Wellness Center, PLLC to receive treatment for a shoulder injury. I had re-injured this shoulder several times and am thankful for Dr. Kulow's gentle and experienced touch! She worked on the muscle around my shoulder and under my arm until I was able to lift my arm to my ear! I had never had this range of motion before!”